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Rainbow Dreaming: Power Thought Cards for Children

This set contains 50 cards that are beautifully illustrated using the colours of the rainbow and calming mandalas.

Each Rainbow Thought Card contains a powerful affirmation, statement or thought to promote positive thinking, provide inspiration and bring balance to a child's life.

The cards help children tap into their inner strength and direct their mindset and perspective towards one of confidence and happiness.

The card set includes instructions outlining different ways to select and use the cards.


  • Find something to be grateful for every day
  • Kindness is free so give it away whenever you can
  • Share you problems with someone you trust and lighten the load
  • Open you mind to new ideas
  • You are perfect exactly as you are
  • Experiences are more important than possessions
  • Get outside enjoy the sunshine, wind, rain and clouds
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Rainbow Dreaming: Power Thought Cards for Children

Author: Amy Hamilton

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