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Working with Trans Survivors of Sexual Violence: A Guide for Professionals

This book provides practical advice for professionals working with transgender (includingnon-binary) people who have survived any form of sexual violence and abuse. It gives professionals an understanding of the impact and trauma of sexual violence on trans people, as well as the additional difficulties they face accessing services that have traditionally been designed to serve cisgendered clients. The authors reveal specific issues faced by trans people as they recover from traumatic sexual experiences, and what steps professionals and organisations can take to meet the needs of the trans community. They also take a critical look at what can be done to reduce discrimination, particularly as many services for sexual violence tend to enforce strict gender segregation which can be exclusionary for trans clients. This book helps mitigate the traumatic effects of sexual violence on trans individuals, by recommending effective responses for all levels of service delivery, from organisational policies to advice for front-line professionals.


  • Introduction;
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Trans Identities.
  • Chapter 2: Violence Experienced by the Trans Community.
  • Chapter 3: Trauma and Its Effects.
  • Chapter 4: Problems with Accessing Mainstream Services.
  • Chapter 5: Best Practice-Organisations.
  • Chapter 6: Best Practice-Individual Practitioners.
  • Chapter 7: Looking Ahead.
  • Appendix.

Author Bio:

Sally Rymer is a social worker for the West Sussex Children and Family Intervention Service (CFIS) and currently co-ordinates the trans helpline at Survivors' Network. She was co-researcher on the first study into accessibility of services for trans survivors.

Dr Valentina Cartei Research and Teaching Psychologist (BPS) with a PhD in Psychology. Over 10 years' experience working in the sexual violence sector as trainer, researcher and manager of front-line services for Survivors' Network, Rape Crisis Centre for Sussex, Co-researcher into accessibility of services for trans survivors. Board member of Rape Crisis England and Wales.

Working with Trans Survivors of Sexual Violence: A Guide for Professionals

Author: Sally Rymer and Valentina Cart

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