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Encyclopaedia of Positive Questions: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Bring Out the Best in Your Organization

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a means of planning change by focusing on the positive rather than the negative in organizations (or in an individual's life for that matter). The Discovery phase (Step 1 in the process) relies in large measure on obtaining input from stakeholders and that in turn requires having the right questions to encourage people to open up positively about past experience, the present situation, and future hopes and dreams.

This "encyclopaedia" lists sample questions; usually three per topic, on a variety of issues that are arranged alphabetically (like an encyclopaedia)

This handbook on the power of positive questions has implications for every aspect of business, but the importance of Appreciative Inquiry also goes beyond business to include family life and relationships. All organisations move in the direction of their research, and all research involved asking questions. The sooner the right questions are asked, the sooner the right answers are obtained. With the help of this book, organisations will find the opportunities, strengths, innovations and vision to forge a positive future.

Section1: Eleven ways to use positive questions

  • 1 Get staff meetings off to a good start
  • 2 Coach for high performance
  • 3 Transform “problem talk” to possibility talk”
  • 4 Create dialogue to foster shared meaning
  • 5 Demonstrate positive intent and trust with customers
  • 6 Create a learning organisation
  • 7 Build high performance teams
  • 8 Conduct project reviews that make a difference
  • 9 Build self-esteem
  • 10 Plan a course of action for the future
  • 11 Create your own interview guide
Encyclopaedia of Positive Questions: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Bring Out the Best in Your Organization

Author: D Whitney, D Cooperrider, A Tr

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