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3 Consecutive Days – Introduction to a Strengths Approach

3 Consecutive Days – Introduction to a Strengths Approach

Date: 29th August 2018

Facilitator: Kath Reid


Workshop Duration:

3 Consecutive days (29, 30 & 31 August 2018)

Workshop Time:

09:30 – 16:30


$600.00 for registration and payment received by 1st August 2018

Full fee: $660.00 including morning tea, all associated handouts and a certificate of attendance.

BYO Lunch

Workshop Venue:

Lighthouse Resources Upstairs Training Room

Kyabra Street RUNCORN, QLD. 4113

Target Group:

This workshop is designed for anyone who is new to strengths-based practice, or may have played with the ideas of strengths-based practice or those seeking to be refreshed. This could include case managers, counsellors, youth workers, guidance offices, support workers, social workers, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupation therapists, and/or workers from the field of community development, disability, housing, domestic violence, child protection, education, health and mental health.

Workshop Outline:

As a worker in the helping industry there can be many invitations to become “problem” focused in our work. This 3 day workshop invites participants to step away from “the doing”, to (re)-connect with the principles and beliefs of strengths-based practice. Participants will have an opportunity to be invigorated in their strengths-based practice.

A five stage map for client-directed change will be explored. The workshop will explore how we can assist clients to define issues in ways that separate them from “the problem” to open the door to more constructive ways of responding. Participants will have the opportunity to identify how to offer acknowledgements with clients to enable a sense of connectedness and recognition, despite the struggles they may face. This workshop explores strengths-based planning in partnership with clients. Particular attention will be paid to how to develop concrete and measurable goals that enhance client’s experience of small successes.  Conversational tools will be offered to enable client’s to stay more connected to their own strengths, skills, knowledge and intentions. These tools seek to enable clients to sustain the preferred changes they are making in their lives. A range of practice stories will be shared to demonstrate how these ideas could translate into various practice settings. The workshop will be experiential and interactive: Participants will have a chance to “have-a-go” at various strengths-based skills throughout the workshop.

Workshop Outcomes:

At the completion of the workshop participants will have:

 Day One:

  • Contrasted problem focused with strengths-based approaches
  • Re-visited the principles, beliefs and ideas of strengths-based practice
  • Reviewed a 5 stage map for client directed change
  • Explored how to assist clients to define issues in constructive ways

Day Two:

  • Explored how to acknowledge clients experiences, skills and knowledge despite the challenges they may face
  • Engaged in ways to re-frame the problem so that people’s solution finding ability become accessible
  • Explored skills and tools for strengths-based client-directed planning processes
  • Defined concrete and measurable goals setting processes
  • Explored resource adding options that add value to clients lives

Day Three:

  • Reflected on post-structural implications for strengths-based practice
  • Identified how to notice change and offer reminders of hope.
  • Reviewed conversational tools that support and sustain client’s initiatives
  • Explored therapeutic tools and letters that help amplify preferred changes in client’s lives
  • Identified collaborative ways to work with client, their families and other stakeholders
  • Explored supervision practices to sustain ourselves in the work

Workshop Format:

3 Consecutive days



“I now have an understanding of what strengths based work is as the theory was explained with examples”

“I was really impressed with the workshop and strengths based practice even though my profession isn’t social work – Good work”


“I can’t wait to attend level 2 & 3”

“The interactive approach to learning and the experience of the presenter and the other participants really helped me to relate this approach back to my workplace”

Facilitator Bio:

Some of Kath’s therapeutic practice has seen her working with children and young people who have significant trauma and abuse, women reclaiming their lives from domestic violence, families who have experienced state intervention, young women who have experienced sexual violence and women living with the effects of eating issues.  She brings a commitment to contextualize the problems that people face. Kath has enjoyed the challenge of finding creative and collaborative ways of working with children, young people, adults and groups to make more visible their skills and knowledge in the face of some significant problems. Kath has also enjoyed co-creating spaces of learning, to share strengths based and narrative ideas in experiential ways. Read More

Workshop Cancellations

By completing and submitting this registration form, you are indicating your intention to attend the workshop and you will be liable for the full fee as indicated.

If you are unable to attend the workshop for any reason, fail to attend without notice or cancel your registration payment will not be refunded.

Workshops occasionally need to be cancelled due to insufficient participant numbers. Should this be necessary, we will notify you as soon as possible and a full refund will be given.