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That's My Story Too!

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This book identifies 13 of the most common emotional challenges that children commonly face and shows you how to effectively use books as a way to reach children and to help them with problems and issues they might not otherwise know how to cope with. It is packed with fun and engaging lessons that are all kid-tested and counsellor approved.

It features:

  • 52 book recommendations and lesson plans categorized by subject
  • Suggestions for introducing each topic in a non-threatening way
  • In-depth follow-up questions to get students thinking
  • Unique creative and engaging hands-on activities for every book
  • Reproducible activities for each lesson
  • An extensive list of additional Bibliotherapy resources


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Author: Kate Brambrut, Ma, NCC & Amy Sauder Lehman, MA, LPC 

That's My Story Too!

Author: Youthlight

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