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On The Wings of A Butterfly - A special story to support conversations on grief and loss (Hardback)

This very special book on grief for young children up to 9 years is suitable for all children who are experiencing the loss of a love one or who are preparing for the loss of a somebody close to them.

Coming from a place of permission and comfort, this book will help a young one through this sad and very difficult to understand time.

Note from Belinda “I drew upon my own experiences when writing this book and used what would have made me feel better when I was a little girl losing my father at a very young age.

Most children will experience loss during their childhood. Be it a close family member, pet, a baby born sleeping or somebody they know. I would be very happy to have bought comfort to families with my little book.”


"Life is wonderful and joyous and thrilling but as adults we know that it can also be brutally tough at times. On The Wings Of A Butterfly beautifully guides children through the death of a loved one. Frankly, it's a must-have for every family bookshelf. Thank you, Belinda Messer for helping me explain loss to my kids." - Rebecca Sparrow, author and columnist


On The Wings of A Butterfly - A special story to support conversations on grief and loss (Hardback)

Author: Belinda Messer

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