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My Super Single Mum

My Super Single Mum is a deceptively simple little publication. It's not terribly long or deep however it evokes all the right feel-good emotions that will have you and your kids truly celebrating your little family, and just how special it really is. "It's just Mum and me and that's ok" gives a bird's eye-view of the relationship between herself and her wondrous super-single mum. The result is the telling of a life of riotous fun and love that any two-parent family might envy!

With its sweet, simple phraseology, and charming illustrations by Muntsa Vicente of Spain, this book will have you and your kids smiling, giggling, cuddling and most importantly feeling GOOD about the family that they're in.

Best of all, My Super Single Mum starts and finishes with the mantra "it's just me and my mum, and that's okay" - and you know what? It REALLY IS!

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My Super Single Mum

Author: Bronny and Muntsa

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