Practice to make a difference.

Everyone's got a Bottom

We all have bodies and we all want to keep them safe.

Everyone's got a bottom is a story about Ben and his brother and sister learning and talking together.

It is a tool for parents and carers to gently start a conversation with children about self-protection. Everyone's got a bottom is a story about children keeping safe, in a style that is fun, positive and protective.

This book is a collaboration between Family Planning Queensland, writer Tess Rowley, illustrator Jodi Edwards and experts from the early childhood and child protection sectors.

Author Bio:

Tess Rowley is a Queensland author and educator who has worked in child abuse prevention for over 20 years. She has written children's books on personal safety, self esteem, children with a father in prison and children who have experienced domestic violence. Tess also writes humorous poetry and songs.

Jodi Edwards graduated from Griffith University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Illustration. Jodi has won numerous state and national awards for her corporate design work and creative illustrations during her eight years working with Creative Plantation.

Another book from Family Planning Queensland:

Is This Normal?

Everyone's got a Bottom

Author: Tess Rowley

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