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Being You is Enough and Other Important Stuff

Being You Is Enough is the perfect antidote for the pressures of being a kid in this day and age. This entertaining and refreshing book will inspire kids be themselves and stand up tall.

Kids will love the easy, upbeat style delivering deeper messages about self-acceptance, positive thinking and friendship.

This is the perfect conversation starter for parents, teachers or children on the issues that kids may be facing or trying really hard to avoid! Josh uses charming, cheeky and humorous drawings and messages to touch on topics such as:

  • You don’t need to fit in
  • No-one is perfect
  • Everyone makes mistakes
  • Always dream big
  • You are not alone
  • You are loved

Within the pages kids will revel in the serious and silly – and - discover the importance of being brave, confident and proud - even if that doesn’t fit everyone’s idea of perfect. The perfect pick me-up for children!

 From the back cover:

“Langley reignites inspirational literature” – Good reading magazine

What are the most important things a kid should know?

It’s OK to be different, no-one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes are just some of them

Being you is enough is packed with 11 essential life affirming messages that’ll help kids navigate school and life.

Bold, fun and little cheeky, both kids and adults will love it

Author Bio:

Josh Langley has spent the last 17 years in radio as an advertising copywriter and has been nominated and won several state, national and international copywriting awards. He also owns his own creative agency. He lives in the South West of Western Australian, on 7 Acres, with his partner along with a few chooks, veggie garden, a myriad of native birds and a snake called Bernard.

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It's OK to Feel the Way You Do

Being You is Enough and Other Important Stuff

Author: Josh Langley

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