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Turning Failure Upside Down: To make visible what matters

A new narrative therapeutic kit with 31 illustrated question cards, an instruction card and a little book exploring how to understand how our failure at being normal can show what matters to us.

Produced by Jane Hutton (narrative therapist & teacher & author of the Lost in Normality Kit) and illustrator Gela –Marie Williams (narrative therapist & author of Green Vanilla Tea), this kit revisits the concept of normality and its effects and how to look beyond this to the surprising possibilities that are held in our experiences of personal failure.

The pictures on the cards can be used as an entry point to have a conversation with yourself or someone else. The questions on the back of each card link to the picture and draw from the “failure map” developed by Michael White and described in simple ways in the booklet.

The kit can be used at home, at work, at school or in individual or group therapeutic contexts with people from late primary school to adults.

 The artwork is whimsical, subtle and full of meaning and the questions are thought provoking - designed to move our thinking from feeling like we don’t measure up to curiosity about how to put our values further into action.

The kit can be a tool for anybody interested in exploring these possibilities. It is especially useful for counsellors, teachers, narrative therapists, social workers, psychologists, doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists or anyone interested in the pressures people are under to conform.

Author Bio:

Jane Hutton and Gela- Marie Williams have known each other for a while. They share a background in social work and narrative therapy and a passion for connection, creativity and what lies outside the norm. This kit was great fun to bring to life together, over many cups of tea.

Jane works as a mental health social worker and narrative therapist and teacher. Jane has run narrative training throughout Australia & Internationally including for Dulwich Centre. She also works with her husband Leeroy in their bed and breakfast The Spotted Chook and with her daughters in equine therapy and other collaborations.

Gela-Marie Williams. Illustrator, artist and author of the award winning Green Vanilla Tea, was a social worker and narrative therapist in her previous work life. The mouse you will meet through Gela’s illustrations was inspired by the magical stories Gela’s Dad told in her childhood that she then shared with her sons.

Workshop coming soon…..An introduction to the ideas that inform the turning failure upside down kit and the practices that can be developed using it.

Turning Failure Upside Down: To make visible what matters

Author: Jane Hutton

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