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Working with Anger and Young People

Understanding the roots of anger and encouraging appropriate and acceptable ways of expressing this are essential skills for anyone working with young people. Working with Anger and Young People warns against ‘quick fix’ solutions to dealing with anger, and draws on the author’s experiences of youth counselling and training workshops to propose helpful interventions for addressing anger effectively and moving on from it.

From attachment anxieties and feelings of powerlessness, to frustration at difficult family relations, Nick Luxmoore considers the common reasons for young people’s anger during this difficult stage of their development. Through accounts of his work with a range of young people, he offers tried-and-tested exercises and talking points to help work through common counterproductive responses to anger such as antisocial behaviour and physical or verbal violence. Crucially, he also recognises the needs of those working with these young people with anger problems and provides advice on working safely, maintaining control and achieving job satisfaction.

This sensitive, accessible book will be an informative and engaging resource for anyone working with young people with anger issues.


  • 1. Introduction.
  • 2. The anger of professionals.
  • 3. Anger as a defence
  •  4. Anger unexpressed.
  • 5. Anger exploding.
  • 6. Anger, attendance and attachment.
  • 7. Anger and disappointment.
  • 8. Anger and identity.
  • 9. Anger and envy.
  • 10. Anger, violence and empathy.
  • 11. The anger of professionals (again).
  • 12. References.
  • Subject index.
  • Author index.

Author Bio:

Nick Luxmoore is a registered psychodrama psychotherapist, and has extensive experience of youth centre work and management. He worked for many years as the school counsellor at Bartholomew School, Eynsham, and also managed The Flat - a counselling and information service for young people in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Working with Anger and Young People

Author: Nick Luxmoore

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