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Experiencing stress is a normal part of being human, but in our increasingly complex and fast-paced world, our stress levels can interfere with our enjoyment of life, including through anxiety, lack of energy, sleeplessness, muscle tension and irritation.

What many might not know is that in large doses, ongoing stress is considered to be a contributing factor to instances of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

In StressLess, clinical psychologist Dr Michael Player and bestselling author-illustrator Matthew Johnstone use their own experience to help you recognise stress in your day-to-day life and apply techniques to manage symptoms.

You will learn how to: Recognise the thinking patterns that lead to stress, Disentangle yourself from stressful activities, Relax using breathing, stretching, meditation and mindfulness, Do more with your time, Problem solve, and Nurture relationships.

Fully illustrated, easy to follow and based on the latest medical science, StressLess is your go-to guide to identify and reduce your own stress and help others do the same.

Author Bio:

Matthew Johnstone had 15 years + as a creative in advertising where he worked in Sydney, San Francisco and New York. He worked for some of the world’s best agencies and won many industry awards.

In 2005 he published I Had a Black Dog an illustrated book on what it is to suffer depression and what can be learnt from it. This book has been a best seller and is now published in 20+ countries.

In 2008, with his wife Ainsley, he published the sequel Living With a Black Dog, a guide to those who care for people living with depression. This also was a best seller and made the top 10 best-selling books in the UK in February 2009.

In October 2009 Matthew, along with his co-author; James Kerr, published Alphabet of the Human Heart: The A to Zen of Life. It’s a book about balance. This book went to number 3 in the UK in March 2011.

His new book, Quiet the Mind is an illustrated guide on how to meditate which came out in March 2012 and went to number 1 in the UK book sales.

His two latest books: The Big Little Book of Resilience and Capturing MIndfulness

Matthew also works as the Creative Director of the Black Dog Institute developing various creative, educational programs on understanding mental health, mood disorders, mindfulness and resilience for schools and the work place.

He also delivers talks to community groups, schools, corporations, health resorts, sporting groups and the farming community. He has talked extensively all over Australia and the UK.When he’s not working for the Institute he is an author, illustrator and father of two.


Director of Michael Player Psychology, Dr Michael Player is a registered clinical psychologist with experience working with people with common mental health problems, including people living with chronic health conditions (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders).

He is an accomplished speaker, researcher, and clinician, who complements his clinical work at Michael Player Psychology, and Lissa Johnson & Associates with a research position at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Institute.

Michael gained a PhD at the University of New South Wales, School of Psychiatry, Australia, a Master of Clinical Psychology (Macquarie University, Australia), and a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons, Class I; University of Newcastle, Australia). He is a full member of the Australian Clinical Psychological Society (APS) and the Australian Clinical Psychological Association, and holds full accreditation with the Psychology Board of Australia, and is fully registered by APHRA with endorsement as a clinical psychologist (PSY0001817665).


Author: Matthew Johnstone

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