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Life: A Guide

Life: A Guide, a new book by psychologist and author Andrew Fuller, explores this question: Have you ever wondered why some people seem glide through life relatively trouble free while others repeat the same damn patterns over and over again?

When people said to you "it's just a stage of life" they were right. Andrew Fuller has spent the last ten years having conversations with over 10,000 people about their lives. The times of delights and opportunity and the times of turmoil and struggle share many similarities. In fact for many people these patterns fall into seven - year stages of life.

The idea of the seven-year cycle is certainly not new. Almost every culture and spiritual tradition refers to this pattern. And yet, our modern world seems to have forgotten that there are patterns of life. Knowing what each stage of life involves - the opportunities that you will be presented with and the obstacles you will need to overcome - is like having a secret insight about how life works and how to make the best of each stage. It is like having a wise mentor whispering in your ear about the most important priorities.

This book contains fascinating insights into how each stage develops and how to understand the people you know and love and the issues they are most likely dealing with. Most importantly it will help people to understand themselves more fully and compassionately. 

Life: A Guide

Author: Andrew Fuller

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