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Counseling Adolescents Competently

Adolescents present a unique challenge for counselors across mental health professions as they constitute a unique group with a unique set of issues that is unlike children or adults. Adolescence is a time of increased resistance to authority, identity development, biological and cognitive development and vulnerability. Counselors across the country are encountering a significant increase in the number of adolescents who are involved in gangs, alienated from school, described as emotionally unstable and disproportionately rageful, and reside in neighborhoods where drugs and violence have become a normative feature in everyday life. While there is increasing research in the area of adolescence, there is a scarcity of materials on effective techniques in counseling adolescents.

Counseling Adolescents Competently is a core text (or key supplement) which is written within the context of providing effective treatment according to CACREP. The authors will review extensive interventions ranging from assessment to diagnosis and fresh perspectives on intervention strategies for working with this often challenging group. The book will employ clinical case scenarios and profiles which will amplify key challenges and issues. It will focus on helping the counselor in training understand the relevant theory and research around adolescents and to engage in culturally relevant interventions and treatment planning. The book will focus on a number of themes that are commonly faced by teens, including trauma, grief, loss, emotional issues, sexual development, and peers.


  • Section I: Foundational Issues
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Adapting Counseling Theory to Adolescents
  • Chapter 3: Trauma Focused Care
  • Chapter 4: Multicultural Family Systems
  • Chapter 5: Juvenile Justice Involved Adolescents
  • Chapter 6: Strength-Based & Resiliency Perspectives
  • Chapter 7: Play Therapy with Adolescents
  • Chapter 8: Screening and Assessment in Adolescent Counseling
  • Phase Two: Active Data Collection
  • Phase Three: Analysis
  • Phase Four: Solution and Evaluation
  • Chapter 9: Treatment Planning Issues
  • Chapter 10: Counseling Interventions
  • Chapter 11: School Counseling
  • Chapter 12: Relational and Career Issues
  • Chapter 13: Chemical and Behavioral Addictions
  • Chapter 14: Divorce Impact
  • Chapter 15: Gender Specific and LGBTQ Considerations
  • Chapter 16: Sexually Maladaptive Behaviors
  • Chapter 17: Who Is The Client? Key Ethical and Legal Issues
  • Chapter 18: Supervision and Consultation
  • Chapter 19: Use of Technology and Adolescent Telemental Health Treatment
  • Chapter 20: Conclusion and Future Direction
  • Conclusion

Author Bio:

Lee Underwood - Regent University

Frances Dailey - Regent University

Counseling Adolescents Competently

Author: Lee Underwood / Frances Dailey

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