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ACT Questions and Answers

Renowned ACT expert Russ Harris presents easy-to-read Q&A sessions to uncover the most common ways clients and practitioners get stuck when using ACT, how to get unstuck, and how to transform that “stuckness” into powerful personal growth. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a highly effective, evidence-based treatment for a number of mental health issues - from depression to addiction - that focuses on mindfulness, client values, and a commitment to change. It also provides innovative tools, techniques, and strategies for promoting psychological flexibility and profound behavioural change. However, there are several challenges and frustrations that can arise when delivering ACT in-session. In the tradition of the hugely popular professional guide ACT Made Simple, ACT Questions and Answers offers practical tools for overcoming common sticking points in-session. You'll find effective tips and strategies for moving past misconceptions about mindfulness and acceptance, how to deal with reluctant or unmotivated clients, and how to break down communication barriers that can stand in the way of progress. You'll also find links to free downloadable resources. If you are new to ACT or just want to improve your delivery: this easy-to-read reference guide will help you troubleshoot common in-session challenges and help your clients achieve lasting change.

Author Bio:

Russ Harris is an internationally acclaimed acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) trainer and author of the best-selling ACT-based self-help book The Happiness Trap, which has sold over 600,000 copies and been published in thirty languages. He is widely renowned for his ability to teach ACT in a way that is simple, clear, and fun—yet extremely practical.


“Russ has yet again written an extremely accessible book. Describing common problems that we all encounter when doing acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), this book is reassuring, open, funny, irreverent, and at the same time, supremely wise. It is full of practical strategies, guidance, and helpful resources that are also grounded in theory. With illuminating new material on self-compassion, exposure, and functional analysis, as well as well-known ACT classics, Russ’s down-to-earth examples of how to use this wisdom in therapy will prove helpful to all levels of experience with ACT.”- David Gillanders, academic director of the doctoral program in clinical psychology at the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; peer-reviewed ACT trainer; and former chair of the ACBS training committee

ACT Questions and Answers

Author: Russ Harris

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